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Cat and Dog by Ethan-Carl Cat and Dog by Ethan-Carl
Before my grandmother retired, one of her co-workers comissioned me to draw a portrait of her husband's dead ex-animals. The poor things both keeled over realtively at the same time, you see, and he was devistated. Anyway, for Chirstmas, this lady thought it would be fantastic for me to draw a montage of these two dreadfully unphotogenic animals. Actually, they are both very attractive for cats and dogs, and their eyes are absolutly striking, but I had a large stack of not-so-high-quality photos to work from to create this drawing. And of course I procrastinated and had to do it all in one day so that my grandmother could get it to this lady before their Christmas holiday. But whenever I look at it, I am reminded of Natalie Wood from The Great Race and Gypsy when she was removing her clothing because I spent the day watching these films and drawing this. Obviously it took longer to draw the pets than it did to watch these movies, so I watched them like 4 times and then wore out the tape of Gypsy on the VHS from about the two hour mark onwards. :) If you've seen the movie and kept track of such things, you know why the two hour mark was to where I rewound and rewatched to such a great and almost vulgar disproportionate number of times... :)
Oh, and this always made me laugh: the lady who I did this for told my grandmother that all she really had in mind was a drawing of these two animals curled up together and that I should pay cloe attention to their eyes, especially the dog's left eye etc. And that if I could draw a rainbow behind them to bring in color, she would be very grandmothet told me this almost appoligetically and I just stared at her mouth gaping. I started to laugh thinking she was kidding, but she wasn't. Thankfully, my dear grandmother persuaded the lady that my artistic opinion thought the rainbow would detract from the vibrant eyes of the pets, which I wanted to use as the focal point. The lady consented to my wishes, and I'm very glad, because it would have been really tacky for the astrological event of a rainbow to occur behind these critters...then maybe we could add some leprechans and fairies and pink unicorns and flowers and clouds and butterflies and jsut get real gaudy! :)
The dog's head is funny, but on the whole I am mildly pleased and proud of the outcome. :)
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ARealKitty Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing, both looks so realistic, you did such an amazing job with the fur :D
ArtbyKerli Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
doubleVdoubleU Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
SkaterKB Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2007
That is so rock on drawing how long have you benn drawing anyway that is so cool
LAReal Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your story, while interesting, is revealing about you in a less than compassionate way. The fact that their photos were less than perfect doesn't make them unphotogenic.

Regardless, your talent is unquestioned. This is great work.
themisskitty Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004
What an interesting story to go along with the drawing. I love the details in them and am jealous at your coloring skills. I tend to mess up pictures when I add color to them.
vltz Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2004   Traditional Artist
That's quite the story! Personally I would have been thrilled to have this gifted to me exactly as it is! This drawing has so much life and character that I feel I almost know these pets! Wonderful!
CafeBeatnik Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2004
A rainbow? :rofl:
Ahem, anyway... Nice composition and beautiful texturing, especially on the dog.
XeiArt Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The kitty looks angry...awesome though...i love how you do i just love looking at your work!
KittyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, so this is the Rainbow pets picture. Nice job! Her cat isn't very cute or pretty or attractive in any way....I'm glad my kitty is cute...
Ethan-Carl Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004   Traditional Artist
Their ex-cat had beautiful eyes and nice color. But Dexter's eyes are prettier, his coat is more 'creative' and interestingly paterned, and he doesn't look like the spawn of hell. He looks friendly. :)

Go check out my drawing of Desiree Spitzer's cat Dexter, titled Dexter, somewhere in my gallery!
Her cat is more attractive than this one!
KittyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe :)
Meskhenet Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004
Great use of colour. I used to be frigthteen of dogs all my live, but i'sd love kitties, and now i love your work ;P
Shuibhne Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004
Still, it's very impressive. I have a few similar situations going, but as they are not commisions, I'm holding off until I learn how to draw. :P Every time I draw a dog, it looks like a rabbit.
Scars-upon-Stars Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004
I'm amazed... just incredibly astounded. This looks so real!! Like you just took a photo! You're drawings are wonderful!!
drewhilfiger Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004   Interface Designer
That's really nice. :-) I can't believe she wanted a rainbow...
Varivalge Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like the cats acpression!!!!!!
very cool!
Airguitaringpenguin Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004
Nicely drawn how you got there fur, im strying to work on my non existant drawring skills.
nefri Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2004
This is a great drawing, I think they are adorable and I loved reading the story of how it came about :)
Fyredelement Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2004
Fascinating, really! This picture is abosolutely beautiful!
shichimidori Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2004
Wow! thisis lovely! very well caped and very very very lovely, I love the anatamy structure and everything about this, it's perfect!-Midori :orange:
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